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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Do a Good Deed Every Day- I did mine!

Tonight somebody in Ogden has his pickup truck back in his own driveway where it belongs- and I helped! The story? There was a Ford pickup parked across the street from my house last Saturday morning and the truck sat there without moving all weekend. I asked Leonard if he knew whose truck it was and today I asked the lady beyond Leonard's house and she was clueless about the truck owner too.

I decided maybe I should call Ogden Police Department and mention this truck to them. When I called, the nice person on the other end of the line told me based upon the description and license plate number, that the truck had been reported stolen!

Later the investigating officer called me and confirmed that the truck had been stolen over the weekend while the owners were away for the holiday and they didn't report it missing until Monday. But the owner got his truck back this afternoon with no particular harm done except for the stolen radio missing from the dash.

I'll bet he's happy to have his truck back...

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